Heaven is a girl

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Heaven is a girl


Heaven is a girl. Believe me, we just met today.  © Victor Eshameh

I didn’t hear in the news but I saw with my eyes; that an angel fell into our midst uninvited. There was no one to announce her arrival. But there I was right on time parked-by waiting for a miracle.

A miracle just dropped and that must be my package. I picked an angel looking goddess; We drove round town discussing life like we don’t exist therein.

She holds this smile that shines sunrise. It effects melts into hearts like the mountains dew. Her smile was enough motivation to live with for ages

Did I tell you I met a goddess or an angel? The truth is she can’t be defined. Words aren’t having enough voltage for expression. Is it the texture of her skin or the structure of body?

I never knew heaven is a girl until I met her.

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  1. dharkanein says:

    such a beautiful expression of your feelings.

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