In the wilderness of depression my heart has sunk so low;
I long for a solution but I don’t know where to go.
I have this guilty complex, as if the fault were mine,
As if somehow I’d ventured through a “NO ADMITTANCE” sign.

I feel I ought not be here, I’ve better things to do;
Yet I can’t seem to focus, I’m simply muddling through.
My tears are always present, appearing just at will;
I feel nobody loves me, my world is oh, so still.

In crowds I feel an outcast, as if I don’t belong,
I cannot speak to strangers within a noisy throng.
My mind is all confusion, my heart is full of fear,
I can’t find any solace, what am I doing here?

With haste I rush for shelter far from this mob, this crowd;
No matter what the function, they’re all so terribly loud.
Back to my silent enclave, to loneliness and pain,
To sort out troubled feelings that surface once again.

How do I cast this burden? Find peace to fill my soul?
Where do I get my answers? How do I find control?
Can someone please direct me? Can someone give me hope?
Within this darkened valley I can no longer cope.

The world’s so dark and dreary, I may decide to leave,
I’ve tried but I can’t conquer, I just cannot achieve.
If you could feel compassion, if you would be my friend,
Perhaps I’d seek renewal, perhaps my world won’t end.

I need you to stand by me, but not to criticize,
Give me a firm foundation, PLEASE! Help my soul to rise.

Poet: Greta Zwaan