It’s time to lift each other up, not to push each other away. We only win when we are together.” – Hector Bellerin

How do you feel when you see someone seeking for help? How do you feel when you come across someone that looks confused and you sensed it that that person needs help? How do you feel when you realized that somebody needs help and you are not able to be of assistance? What comes to your mind when you come across someone that needs assistance and you are able to do it? Whether you are able to help someone in need or you can’t, how you feel is based on how you have configured yourself.

Helping each other is an “act” that we ought to be demonstrating all the time, not an “art” that we can design when we wish. That is why it is comfortable for some people to help than it is for some. To help is not by giving what is big but not helpful when it should count, but by offering and giving what will count when it is needed! To help others is to shine the light: To do the opposite is to cast a doom.

Many people today have become whom they are due to kind gesture they received from others. To be of help is not only limited to giving money or material things, but offering and giving what someone is lacking, which as at that time you know it will reprieve them of pressure, stress, or confusion. Thus, help can also be inform of raising other people, keeping a smiling face, forgiving those that have wronged you, joining forces with others to invent what would be useful to the world, and others.

For instance, how do you think someone would feel when he comes to your office requesting for what will change his life and you are able to help? That person won’t forget you! You will become a point of reverence to that person, regardless of the beliefs you both hold. By helping him, you have raised him – one Senator did something like that recently at the floor of the hallowed chamber because somebody else has make a difference in his life! John C. Maxwell says “Most people are capable of making a living. The significant thing is making a difference.”

When you also come across a perplexed person and you add to that state of perplexion by keeping a frowning face, instead of being kind and make helping such person your utmost priority? At that instance, smile can bring relief to someone at the point of distress. Victor Burges quips that: “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

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You can also help someone today by forgiving them of their wrongs against you. For them to have done something bad against you and admitted it is an indication that they have realized they are living with burden. There is no need for you to compound their woes. Let go of everything. Someone once said, “To err is human, to forgive is divine.”

Help can also be in the form of assisting someone else in accomplishing a project or inventing something. Henry Ford helped Thomas Edison by allowing him to work in his factory. Nicola Tesla assisted Thomas Edison in inventing the WC generator. Cristiano Ronaldo once attributed his success to pay respect to his friend, who created chances (assist) for him in the friendly match that was watched by the scout of Sporting Lisbon, which serves as the pathway for his professional career.

When you help someone in need, you are not only assisting them in shaping their lives, you are also adding value to them and you are making them inculcate the value too. There is an anonymous saying that: “You haven’t helped anyone until you helped someone that can’t pay you back what you have done.” Help someone not because of what they can give back to you, but because of what you can offer at the point of need.

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Do the little you can today in any measure to ease the affairs of others. It is Calvin Coolidge that says: “No enterprise can exist for itself alone. It ministers to some great need, it performs some great service, not for itself, but for others; or failing therein it ceases to be profitable and ceases to exist.”

You have helped me this week by reading this column. Till I comes your way next week, I shall meet you where you are helping others in your own version.

©️ Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem 

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