Here are some of the ways:


  1. Exercise helps us feel good! Life becomes more fun, and the high that comes from exercise won’t let you down later. Moreover, the hormones producing the exercise high are proving to be health promoting as well.


  1. Exercise strengthens the heart. This is important in a culture in which every second person dies of heart and vascular disease.


  1. Exercise lowers blood pressure and resting heart rate, protecting the heart and blood vessels.


  1. Exercise lowers LDL cholesterol levels in the blood and often raises HDL cholesterol; again decreasing heart and vascular risk. (LDL is the bad part of cholesterol; HDL is the good part.)


  1. Exercise strengthens bones by helping retain calcium and other minerals.


  1. Exercise lifts depression. Outdoor exercise is one of the most valuable tools for fighting this common and disabling malady.


  1. Exercise relieves anxiety and stress. In our harried, pressured society, physical activity is providing to be an effective antidote.


  1. Exercise increases overall energy and efficiency in all areas of our lives.


  1. Exercise helps maintain desirable weight levels. It builds muscles and burns fat. Moderate exercise blunts appetite by temporarily increasing blood sugar level.


  1. Exercise improves circulation, and that makes for clearer minds, better sleep, and faster healing of damages body areas.

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