Stars are huge balls of burning gas that are scattered throughout the universe. They burn for million of years, giving off both light and heat. Stars produce energy by a process called nuclear fusion.

Image result for stars hd imagesThe coolest stars are red and dim, while the hottest stars give off blue-white light. The temperatures on their surface range from 3,500 degree Celsius for cooler stars to over 40,000 degree Celsius for the hottest stars.

A new star is born when gas and dust are drawn together by gravity, forming a huge clump. It heats up until nuclear fusion begins, and the new star appears in the sky.

So do stars die? Yes!

How do they die?

Stars die when they eventually use up all their fuel and burn out, but this process takes many millions of years. Towards the end of its life, a star starts to run out of hydrogen to power its nuclear fusion. It starts to cool, becoming a red giant.