Will to Conquer.Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

Have you ever taken your time to analyse and evaluate the level of your instinct when you are doing something? Have you ever taken your time to picture where you will appear in the future you are featuring in currently? Have you ever taken your time to assess the strength of the energy you are releasing towards your desires?

Without some basics things about ourselves, we can’t or we hardly becomes whom we wishes to be in life. One of those things is “Will”. This is the inner drive that springs an individual to purpose planted in him. It is the reservoir of strength that is pumping, which when you always tap from will never cease from supplying you energy or passion.

Will is what gives you the power to rise, to visualise, to conquer. It is from your will that you will discover that there is nothing that will offer you cheap rewards; anything you earn will be based on your replicated efforts. It is will that makes you triumph.

In the year 2017, Sloane Stephens, an American and tennis player was just returning from injury when she was paired to play against Serena Williams in that year U.S. Open Tennis Championships.

She was no where to be found in the global ranking – not seeded – and Williams was the second best in the world ranking as at the time. It was a ran off game because the likes of predictions generated by the game were

underrated, unchallenging and unencouraging.

Stephens was underrated for two major reasons: she just returned from injury and she was not known, not seeded! The game later turned out to be a replica of David and Goliath; but in this case, their arena was the tennis court.

Contrary to what was believed by the fanatics, they were not known that Stephens has lightens her mind to bolstered her strength. She had filled her mindset to win the game, fueled her inner drive to supply abundance power to see the best in her self, and she gathered momentum as the game progressed. She did the impossible, she won the cracker. She won and her profile has changed since then.

Like Stephens defeated the unexpected, you have to realised that it was never what you are going through that is your stumbling block, it is in your mind that you have built the breaks. It is never the excuses that is holding you back, it is what you infuses in yourself that is limiting you! It is never when you stop that you becomes a loser, it is what pumped in your mind that asked you to stop that makes you a loser.

“Where there is will,” says anonymous, “there is way.” I compelled you today to develop, feed and strengthens your will to lift you to the heights you desire in life, because it is only when you are seeing yourself there that you can guide others to the ways you have also treaded…

Sulyman Sodeeq A’akeem

Potentiality Builders™