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How to identify and avoid sycophant at workplace

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Workplace Violence:

How to identify and avoid sycophant at workplace

Who is a Sycophant?

The term sycophant has a negative connotation, because the person does not attempt to achieve their goals through hard work or sincerity.

How to identify sycophants

Someone who tries to get what they want, or earn someone’s respect, by using flattery on those people who would be able to influence their goals.

How to identify and avoid sycophant at workplace

Warning! Beware of sycophants at your workplace. They are most often offensive and defensive. Sycophants have just one mission which is “get famous at all cost”. To avoid being used for such achievement, you have to be smarter. And here is what you can do:

  • Always keep your calm. Talk less and listen less around sycophants.
  • Don’t complain or raise confidential information around sycophants. The more information you put in the hands of a sycophant, the more danger awaits you.
  • Don’t be a suspect. When sycophants discovers that you are always avoiding their presence, you automatically become their victim. They hate being hated. If you do, removing you from the way is their target.

There are no scientific method of preventing an encounter with sycophants, the key is being smart and not showing it.

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