You don’t have to die if you do not want to.

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You can live for as long as you want to, If you really want to.

Do you know that we can continue to live with or without the body. If the body feels too old to move on, we can transfer our conscience and consciousness from one body to yet another. Then, we will become timeless and endless.


Jesus was crucified but he now lives in me. Not just me, but also in billions of people all around the world.

Same is Prophet Muhammad, same is Buddha, Sango, Socrates. We are aware of Their conscience and we have Their consciousness.

I am not asking you to be Jesus, or the Prophets, I’m asking you to be YOU. I’m asking you to understand your UNIQUENESS, Live a life of GODS – an exemplary life.

Because ye are gods, gods don’t die. They transfer their consciousness into the next available human bodies.

We don’t have to die, Only if you understand this piece of words.