Year 2020 is a promising year because it is filled with bundle of opportunities to unlock the doors of joy, productivity, upliftment and manifestation for those who truly wants to blaze the trail in their spheres.” – Potentiality Builders

It is a great pleasure that I writes this my first message of the New Year – 2020 – to you. As I am writing this, my heart is filled with hopes, as I am certain that the Year is filled with promises in bounties that we can access if we can raise the bar on how we live.

The echo that grace the air because of the birth of the Year is because of its significance to various “Visions” and “Targets”, both at local and individual levels, which makes some people to have kickstart for themselves, new resolutions, yearnings and aspirations for the next decade: 2020 – 2029.

Apparently, the train is moving already and I would like to convey to you that some people are already recording successes in achieving their goal. Though, it is obvious that you are different from them, but because success is a title that everyone desires and a name everyone wants to bear, we should not also deviate from taking actions that keep us closer to our goals.

At the end of this calendar year, I wants to see everyone celebrating the Year as a productive, fulfilling, rewarding, excelling and a radiant Year. Thus, I would like to share the following maxims to serve as our companions as we run the Year.

Connect with Quality People: We have to expand our horizons by linking ourselves with people that will add value to our lives. It is globally known that individual sufficiency happens no where. This means we have to traverse life by sharing what we have with people who are ready to make us grow by seeing life as a stream that has to flow to benefit where it is coming from, where it is right now and where it is going. We have to note that we cannot alone give to ourself what quality people can’t give to us.

Make Informed Decisions: Our decisions are resolution we have strategically made on what will favour us. So, in order to make decisions, we should always endeavour to gather necessary details about issues at hand before we arrived at conclusions. If you are not informed to do the right things, whatever happens to you becomes right.

Have Positive Perception: It is indisputable that what is happening around the world right now is not encouraging, but we have to be grateful for the few things that are making us happy. In this Year, we have to maintain positive views and impressions. If we don’t have positive perception, all hope will be lost and we will be easily imprisoned by the negative things happening around us.

Love What You Do: This Year don’t want people that doesn’t love what they do. It wants those that have zeal and passion for what they do. It is only when you love what you do that you will not have a reason for not doing it. Let me tell you this: What you do with great love brings you great desires and it is when you are filling these great desires that you encounter great success.

Take Your Time to Rest: You might have make the resolve that I am not going to rest until I achieve my goal. But let me appeal to you that you have to take your time to relax adequately, so that you can restore your energy and recharge yourself. Taking your time to rest not only give you opportunity to overcome distraction, it also refreshes your memory by closing the unnecessary tabs that may hinder your focus and concentration!

Constantly Assess Yourself: Life has nothing to give to those who don’t examine themselves. Our Year has to be different in terms of accomplishment and fulfilment. And for us to achieve that, we have to be evaluating ourselves and be determining if we either progressing or retrogressing. There is an anonymous notion that “If you want what you have not gotten before, you have to do what you haven’t done before.” Remember, your life will never become qualitative, if it is full of quantitative flaws.

Set Time Bound Goals: For our Years to be filled with what we desired, our goals should be time bound. There should be demarcation on what goal we want to achieve within what period and through what means. Doing this is what we make us realise that our goals are what we are targeting within a specified frame of time. It is a known fact that setting a time bound goal is not only what makes one accomplished that goal, it also spur an individual to consider achieving that goals as a priority. Time may be infinite, but what we can achieve with it is finite.

Don’t Limit Yourself: It is important to remind ourselves that life is not going to give us what we want, it will give us what we deserve. We have to live this Year fully! We should not confine ourselves to one corner of the world and be expecting the world to project us to where we don’t deserve. There is no limit to what we can live for. What limits us is how we have chosen to live our lives!

Don’t Trade Blame: In this Year, we have to imbibe the culture of being responsible and accountable for whatever we do. It is certain that failures and bad breaks are inevitable. But when they happened, we should not be pointing finger at other people around us as the cause of failures or bad breaks, we should position ourselves at the epicenter of whatever has happened. By doing this is the only way to redress anything doesn’t work in our favour.

Don’t Compare Yourself with Anyone: This has been established initially that we should not loose ourselves in the course of comparing ourself with others. Someone once cautioned that: “The greatest thief of happiness is comparison.” You are not in this world to fit into other people’s frame, but to live to exploit your life and inscribed your name on the world’s walls in your own way.

As I am about to draw the curtain on our discourse today, I fervently wishes you a blissful, fulfilling and prosperous Year!

Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a writer who co-authored the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.”