Either you chose to make up your face or your mind, non of these comes easy. Only that one has a future return while the other’s benefit only last for less than a day.

It is so encouraging when you watch how much time and money is invested in making up the face and beautifying the body. It seems to be one or the only best thing we could do for ourselves, especially when it comes to good look. Without doubt, everyone wants to make up, you want to cover up some old scars, to attract audience and admirers, and sometimes just for the fun of it. That’s very cool. But have you ever thought of making up your mind? You have unconsciously neglected that, right?

You wouldn’t have to invest as much as buying up a box of make-up kits to get started. And you wouldn’t need to pay for or attend any special training classes to become a pro to enable you make up for others. It starts with thinking in the right direction and being positive. That’s the first foundation. Then you can apply your make-overs by reading and listen to people who already have their minds made. That’s all you need to look good from the inside.

Trust me, if you apply a make up to this, you will become more than a mere beauty but a voice and an authority to be honored.

Written by: Eshameh Victor. I