You Have to Face Criticisms for Breaking Grounds!

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“Compliment earns you confidence. Criticism earns you growth.” – Potentiality Builders

When we hear the word “criticism,” what we think about is may be something damaging, something done against us with the aim of destroying our characters or reputations, or to pull us down.

One of the greatest elements of continuous growth and improvement that we mostly denied and don’t appreciate encountering is criticism. We always feel that the critics are too judgemental on the context; may be based on their positions, sentiments or impressions about the context.

As long as criticism is in various forms, it means it holds some elements of personal growth and improvement, which if it is honestly assessed, it shapes our lives and helps us harnessed our potentiality.

It is only a few people that have understand that destiny is imminent because it contain situations, events, or things that you have no control on.

Criticism in any form – destructive, reflexive or constructive – is useful. Destructive form is one that is intentionally meant to condemned something you have done; while reflexive is the one that is done in order to draw you down to the level of the critic, to take side with him or her, which will stop after his or her aim has been achieved. Finally, the constructive form is mostly done based on thorough evaluation and analysis of what you have done, which will be backed up with facts or evidences. It is the most useful form of criticisms for people that prioritize self growth.

Which ever one you have you experienced among the forms of criticism is an attempt to make you better. It is reflecting to you that you have done something beyond some peoples’ expectations and you can still done better, if you can let their remarks work in your favor.

Otunba Subomi Balogun concluded that: “…there (sic) are some people that wouldn’t like you, no matter what you do. But if you consider that, you wouldn’t be able to do anything. It’s not easy for anybody who is successful not to be criticized.”

Whatever you are doing, their are people out there waiting for the outcome, which they will use to assess you and feed you back based on their expectations from you. Never allow those remarks to serve as stumbling blocks to your greatness. Rather, let them be the mirrors you are using to shape your steps as you are breaking grounds.

Use criticisms for your benefits. The most form of criticism that is advisable for you to be taking serious is constructive. When it can be worked on and corrected, your flaws would turn to strengths and they would take care of other criticisms (destructive and reflexive).

Every new stage of your life will be a surprise to some people. Every new status you attains will hold varying introspection from people. However, as someone that is destined to be breaking grounds, marvelling in life and accomplishing his or her purpose, use criticism for your vantage.

Sometimes, work without worth worth not doing. Criticism for your work reveals your worth to you.

As you are thriving in your purpose this week, don’t be down to criticisms, but beat criticisms down on your purpose.

Sulyman Sodeeq A’akeem
© Potentiality Builders

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