I’m mad for your body – Victor Eshameh

Each day I long to be near
To hold, press, squish and suck
You desperately
I know this is madness
But it’s not about my state of health
Your body has trapped me.

I can’t think of a thing
If it is not the thought of you
Nothing else matters
If it is not the dream of holding you
Nothing else really counts.

Your skin marches that of the sun,
Tasty as the berries
Fresh as the morning wine
Calm as a settled sea
Intoxicating as music.

A hold on it bring live to my soul
A press cause my heart to tango
A squish is all I need to breathe
And if I suck your skin,
My mortal mind is blown up


If you so choose
To withhold your skin
To kill my vibe
Because you are pretty careful
I might lose my mind totally.

I’m mad for your body
It effects gets me vexed
When you are not easy to find
Keep your kiss
And save the love
If your body lies afar from me.

© Victor Eshameh 2018.