weekly series

Hi friends,

We are introducing three new weekly series to our content category. Starting from September 2020, join us as we launch – LifeGuide, Adventure Caused By Destiny and Life: Struggles, Failure, and Accolades on Giftedminds Writers’ Blog – three compelling weekly story and poetry series showcasing critical situations around Nigeria and humanity.

These series will expose how the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer, the in-depth pain of being an unemployed literate, challenges of being female (girl, unmarried, married or single mom), and how the world has changed all humanity.

While the world is currently being faced with strongholds such as crisis and pandemic; this is an excellent time to connect and get inspired as creative writers try to paint the picture in the hearts of many and also proffer solutions to the most important challenges.

Register today! This will help us tailor and properly organize how to reach you better with the coming series.

Contents will be delivered in the English language. However, you can choose to view or read content in your preferred local languages via our blog site.