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Is sleeping with a criminal a crime?

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Is sleeping with a criminal a crime?

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Is sleeping with a criminal a crime is the question running the mind of Love, a female prison officer who have been jailed for crossing the line having an affair with said, ‘Zamper’ a prisoner.

Love Kendall, a 39-year-old female prison officer have been charged for having affair with two male inmates, Luke Davis and her recent Stanislav Zamper. And as been sentenced to nine month in jail, suspended for 2 years, 200 hours of unpaid community work and 25 days rehabilitation.

Is sleeping with a criminal a crime?

According to Love, the relationship was all fantasy. She said that Zamper had helped her when she was new to the wing and she saw him more as a colleague than a prisoner and all the letters she wrote to him were all fantasy. However, the whole secret unveiled when Love and Zamper were found at an area restricted to prisoners.

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