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Are There Jealous Parents?

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Parents who find it hard to trust their kids are so, because they don’t trust themselves.

So if you ask me, “are there jealous parents?”. My answer is, yes there are jealous parents.

There are parents who are so quick with judgement, not because a child has been bad or has got poor records, but because such parent judge their kids based on their own personal life experiences.

This is why a woman who gave birth outside wedlock wouldn’t trust her daughter or son if they return home late at night. This is because her experience tells her that nothing good comes out of coming home late at night except pregnancy.

There are parents who find it so hard to trust their kids for such a ridiculous reason which is JEALOUSY. They wish to be youths again; they want to enjoy the a youthful life; but unfortunately, they are not getting any younger. And they miss that!

Yes. There are jealous parents. Do you think otherwise? I’ll love to hear your opinion.

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