Kismet: Every MAN is a product of FATE

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Kismet: Every MAN is a product of FATE

Kismet: Every MAN is a product of FATE. An introduction to a nearly true life story written by Victor Eshameh in the year 2009.

Helen Keller once said, ‘life is either a daring adventure or nothing. To keep our fate towards change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.’ 

“Kismet” is a story aimed at exploring the impairment and chances of fate. How does a man’s fate determine how he lives and connects with the world? The characters in the story were all victims of fate. They survived the hurdles, making their lives worthy of telling. This story is divided into six parts with different titles. 

3 things are sure in life— PRESSURE, TREASURE, PLEASURE. Pressure comes around to press you down only for you to discover your Treasures after which you will end in Pleasure.

Eshameh Victor 


Theodore grew up without knowing where his fate lies. He grew up in the hands of Vera, but this does not guarantee he was in save hands. Theodore does not have any motherly feeling when he is around her. He began his quest to figure out who his real parents were. 

At the long run, he abandoned his quest to attend to the needs of his neighbour and new friend, Sophia. 

Sophia mysteriously lost her father. Doctors could not give any medical explanation to his death. Her mother, Alexandra on the other hand, did not worry about her husband’s death as expected. 


Alexandra had already picked up her pieces and continued with life. Her sudden intimacy and keenness towards Arnold, their family lawyer, was becoming suspicious. 

And her uncle, Stuart, posed a threat to the family as well. Sophia no longer understood what was going on in the family, therefore wanted to find answers about her father’s died.


Fate turned things around again and made Sophia’s quest more adventurous when she travelled with her mother, Alexandra, to pay her uncle, Stuart a visit. 

Kidnappers attacked Sophia’s niece, Wendy and her boyfriend, Gregory. The kidnappers who were meant to abduct Sophia ended up snatching Wendy thinking she was Sophia. 

Seeing that Sophia’s life is in danger, Gregory decided to help Sophia. He took her down to his hometown to live with his parents. Sophia getting to Gregory’s family, found something amazing, thus another twist in fate. 

Gregory’s sister and Sophia have the same look, same height, same eyes and hair colour. 


When Arnold heard that Sophia and Wendy were missing, he organised a search team with the help of Anita. Anita, Theodore’s aunty, was a writer who enjoyed the adventure and her weird friends who enjoyed taking a risk and trying new things, made up Arnold’s search team. 

Theodore decided to meet with Sophia’s friends to discuss how they were going to help Sophia. Pamela suggested they go in search of her. Pamela had a selfish interest in this decision. 

She was becoming attracted to Theodore and wanted to have a special time with him. Theodore was looking for a way to leave Vera’s house and his worries behind, so embraced the decision. 

Fate continued to play tricks and watch it victims suffer for the lack of understanding. In the end, they found answers to their time-consuming quest and the ultimate power of fate.

Kismet: Every MAN is a product of FATE is divided into six parts;

1: Compendium

2: Caprice

3: Complacency

4: Crikey

5: Complexity

6: Cipher

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