LIFE man born marks

In life every man is born with a right to make a mark. Are you making the mark you were predestined to? What could have been your limitations thus far? Join Abdulakeem as he take you through the topic, “live by choice and not by chance.

It is choice and not chance that determines your destiny.” — Jean Nidetch
How do you perceived the life of fulfilling people you have known? What are the metrics you set for yourself to measure how you are blazing the trail you wish in your life? What are the standards you set for yourself and how do you allow those standards to influence the steps you are taking to shape your life and redefine your purpose? How do you spend your days and how accountable are you to your daily activities?
In a nutshell, until you are ready to be responsible for everything that transpired in your life, that is when you can boast that you are living a life you have chosen. We have several people out there, who are struggling to cope with life because every decisions influencing all aspects of their lives are not theirs, which always forces them to dance to the lyrics composed by somebody else.
The life of every fulfilling and successful people is hinged on choices: They are always deliberate and intentional with all they are doing. If a person of choice attempt to do something for himself, he follows it with vigour and fervour because he knows that that is what he had settled for, and he will mandate it for himself to achieve the reward(s) attached to it. If what you are doing cannot spring in you the energy to pursue your course regardless of limitations you are facing, you have not make living your life a choice of yours!
To those who relies on chances, their steps always mirror desperation. Many people are living their lives on chances today. They haven’t discover their gifts, their potentiality is lying dormant untapped and their lives have no definition for which they can ascribed to it. When you come across these set of people, their lives are full of excuses, dejection, rejections and failures which they always use as justifications for living underwhelming lives. Joel Osteen remarks, Your circumstances don’t have you down. Your thoughts about your circumstances have you down.”
Every man is born with a right to make marks out of life, to make an imprint, to be of significance and to give to the world the supernatural promises that is meant to be delivered through him. What has limited many men is that some of them have sold their birthrights to other people’s vision, aspirations and ambitions. Henry Ukazu submitted, “It should be noted that the choice we make has a role to play in our life. Your attitude is a choice, your happiness is a choice, being optimistic and pessimistic is a choice, and life generally is a choice.
The quest for riches is another thing that disconnects some people from the making their lives their choices. Quick money and immediate influence are the epithets upon which their lives are designed. You should stop searching for earthly riches! The riches you need to create and acquire wealth, to become famous and derive fortune from it have been deposited in you; make it your choice to live a worthy life.
John C. Maxwell, in his life changing book: “Intentional Living,” advised that, “If you want to grow and become the best person you can be, you’ve got to be intentional about it.” A life that is premised on choice has every tendency to accumulate long and lasting greatness than a life that is premised on chances. This is because a life of choice endures the storm of challenges to create chances, while a life of chances takes momentary happiness to invite regrets and permanent failures in his life.
Nelson Mandela made it his choice to set his people free from apartheid. Despite several chances to betray his people and enrich himself, he followed his resolve and pursued it with clear indication of what the future holds for him. Roger Bannister made it his choice to run a mile within the space of four minutes and what he settled for has become the bank from which other people sources their energies and positive believes from.
It is never too late for you to make a choice of what your life will be lived for. It is only your choices that can bring you chances that cannot be denied, chances that cannot be blocked and chances you cannot be permanently robbed of. Chances make life out of you, choices make you out of life. Gbenga Adebambo aptly compelled that, “It is not what you are acquiring that really matters now; it is who you are becoming. You have a gold mine when you have a ‘growth mind.'”
Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a writer who co-authored the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.