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Live Your Flair, Not Your Fear

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“Don’t be afraid to fail; if you are afraid to fail, you are getting yourself frozen and stiffled.”Arnold Schwarzenegger

Life is always a two-sided coin – Positive or negative, failure or success, hope or despair and flair or fear.

Every of the “sides” are important to what we seek to become in life.

But unfortunately, we all have a “limit-er” called fear.

If you don’t conquer your fear, what you fear will conquer you. Without discovering your purpose, you might spend all your years running around in circles of fear.

Living your flair means that you are relying on your talent to spark the enthusiasm that are sufficient for your life’s desires and aspirations.

On the other hand, fear is the feeling of anxiety and apprehension that you exhibit about yourself; the uncertainty you are assuming – the fact that you think it is too challenging for you to overcome; you holding back from taking the next step to progress in your life; or the solace you earn from your comfort zone.

These negative reflections affects your mindsets and are cancerous to what your Maker wants you to be in life.

However, you have been blessed with gifts that are intended to differentiate you from your peers, your colleagues and other human beings. This is what I like to refer to as your flair.

Flair is what gives everyone the wings to fly. It is our flair that causes the stream of initiatives in us to flow and the oceans of creativity in every man to swirl on our desired directions.

When we ponder on our flair, life becomes an adventure and everything that happens to us places us at an advantage to reach the climax of our dreams.

It is okay to have fears; but it is important for us to note that fear has hindered many people from changing the narratives of themselves and their posterity.

It whittle their self-belief and self-confidence. It blinds them from leveraging on what they can do. It reduces their decision power and paralyze self-esteem. Fear becomes an integral part of their life!

When you operate from the point of fear than the position of your flair, you will always consider what you don’t have above what you have. You will always consider your comfort above your growth and strength. You will always rely on other people’s approvals to determine your strength, weakness and destination.

What make people lose their flair to fear is the effects of several mental pictures painted in the mind. Once your mental screen always visualises either defeats or setbacks, that’s a pointer to where you are heading.

Kelly Hyman captured this when he submitted that: “You have to change the guts first, and then update the skin to match it.”

For your flairs to be the strength that energises you as you journey through life, take the steps below:

Identify Your Gifts:
There is no one deprived of innate power and identity. These gifts, if identified, should be the source of every decisions you take in your life. They determined how far you can go, how happy you can be and how fulfilled you can. Happy and successful people of this life soul-searched to know what truly makes them human and they live in alignment with it.

Face Your Fear Squarely:
Fear as defined as “False Evidence Appearing Real.” Don’t let fear limit you. If your worries are more than your positivity, it will weaken your productivity. Fear will confine and imprison you. So, face it.

Work on Improving Your Flair Every Day:
Life is more about believing that you have something anyone else doesn’t. It is an arena where wit and diligence speaks louder than words; where you have to constantly enrich what you have in order to be competitively ready to combat any approach life faces you with. Dedicate time for your flair, hone it and use it for your vantage.

Every persons hold enough colouring to paint their pictures and frame it to appear exactly how they desire.

Those who conquer their fears effect a cause that transforms their lives and that of their generations; while those who were conquered by their fears distort and disrupt the positives they would have caused with their flairs.

Someone once concluded, “Your life should have a meaning when you live and there should be a purpose for your death.”

Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a Librarian, Writer who co-authored the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.”

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