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Looking for the right one

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Looking for the right one

looking for the right one

If every man says he is different and not like the rest; but at the end, they all behave indifferent.
If every girl thinks she is special; but at the end, they blame guys for not making them feel special.

So every girl says, “all men are the same”, but I wonder how many men they must have been with to confirm this claim.

And if every guy says, “the beautiful ones are yet unborn”, I wonder who will give birth to the beautiful one yet unborn.

An old rugged house with rusty designs, dusty furniture filled with roaches, says “Only the perfect are allowed within” (Victor’s Proverb)

Every girl claims she is special, and every guy wants a special girl. But at the end, he gets a girl who relay on him to be special. So he keeps moving on and on to the next girl that claim she is special.

Every guy claims he is different, and every girl wants a different guy. But at the end she gets a guy who is just the same as anyone else. But how long will she keep searching?

Think about this deeply
Is any guy actually different?
Is any girl actually special?
We are all the same. Quit the search for what doesn’t exist.

When you find the girl you love, make her special. And when you find the guy you love make him different.

I rest my case… I’m Tom, the lunatic

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