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Love? No. Fate? I Think So

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I knew the day we met
That we were meant to be.
I knew our fate was set,
That you were the one for me.

I didn’t even know you.
I only knew your name.
I wasn’t sure what to do.
I didn’t know who to blame.

I knew I found you attractive.
I could tell that you were nice.
The butterflies were so active
That I couldn’t think twice.

Everything I did that day
Didn’t show you who I am.
Every time you came my way
My heart began to ram.

My actions weren’t natural.
My reactions weren’t real.
I felt so very terrible,
But my heart I did not wield.

And when the group said goodbye to me,
My eyes were fixed on you.
I knew I was trying to see
If you felt the same way too.

I liked you when I saw your face,
But maybe it was the touch.
My heart had begun to race.
I already liked you too much.

I knew the day we met
That we were meant to be.
I knew our fate was set
As friends, as lovers, as enemies.

© Tammy Luu

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