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Lovin the godfather of the streets; a story by K. A. Williams

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Lovin the godfather of the streets; a story by K. A. Williams

Lovin the godfather of the streets

Synopsis of Lovin the godfather of the streets

The code of the streets is to be loyal to the people who are loyal to you…

Six months ago, Hazel Castro’s life took a drastic turn; her sister’s death split their already broken family apart, leaving Hazel to deal with their alcoholic father. When Hazel was nearing her end, she fell into the arms of Nate. He introduces Hazel to the raging wolf, cocaine, and she finds herself depending on the drug to keep her emotions away. However, no matter how much cocaine she ingested into her body, it was no match for the violent abuse Nate brought to her life almost daily. The only hope Hazel had was that her prayers were loud enough to cause someone to rescue her before it w as too late.

On the other side of the city, District Attorney Elijah Oakland is set on bringing justice to the Castro family and getting the hoods of Dallas under control while owning and operating one of the biggest drug and money laundering syndicates in the states.

Elijah’s legacy in the game instantly made him the “Godfather” of the streets. However, even the most feared man has his own set of enemies and some closer than expected.

In the middle of tragedy, heartache and betrayal, Hazel and Elijah form an alliance that’s worth fighting for.

But how far will their loyalty for each other go?

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