Do you need a job?

Or do you know someone who does?

“I Make 150 Thousand Naira Monthly” A woman made this statement and here is how she does the magic….

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“I started with as little as N3000, and gradually expanded the business by adding sweet potato and now I make an average of N5000 daily, about 150 Thousand Naira Monthly.

“Although the business is stressful and dangerous because you have to seat by the fire every day, it is helping me to pay the bills, take care of my children.

“At least I can afford to pay school fees for my children and medical bills when the need arises,” she said.

The entrepreneur’s business area is usually filled up by patronizers mainly passers-by, residents of the area, and others who find the delicacy satisfying.

Abdullahi called on women to make necessary effort to be self-reliant rather than going around the neighborhood begging for alms..

***Story excerpted from The PUNCH

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