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Meet other birds that can talk better than parrot

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Meet other birds that can talk better than parrot

There are a great number of birds which can be taught to say a few words. But the real ‘talking birds’ can be taught to say long sentences. The best talking birds are parrots, mynas, crows, ravens, jackdaws, and certain jays.

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According to experts, the best bird talkers in the world are the African parrot and the myna bird of India.

Many people believe that the ability of a bird to ‘talk’ depends on the structure of its tongue. A parrot, for instance, has a large, thick tongue. Most biologists believe that birds do not understand the words they say, but they can sometimes form an association between certain expressions and actions.

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Many parrots are in danger of extinction, largely because people have destroyed much of their habitat. Some dealers sell illegally captured wild parrots at high prices.


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