Melancholy - Victor EshamehWhether you are a lover of literature or not Melancholy (the poetry) will interest you. Just in case you don’t have any idea of what you are about to go through! Let me give you a tip…

This is a memoir documented in form of poetry. It tells the story of a young child who feels the entire world is against him and there is no single person out there who wants to hear him out. This is the outburst of a nursed wound that knows no healing. Often times, we find kids of this nature in our homes, schools and work environment who out of one social problem or the other have decided to be mute. They talk less and listen less in conversations (especially when they have a choice)

In Melancholy (The Poetry) you will be reading about  an adolescent who wanted life from another point of view, but, there was no way out of life except, through death. And death, though easy and simple, isn’t the nicest of options to escape life’s misery.