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My Celebrity Girlfriends

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My Celebrity Girlfriends


I am in search of a wife material

I hope you meet all my criteria

Submit your credentials make it evidential

I need a lady like Rihanna, the type that can “work, work, work, work, and work”, so we can have an unafraid “love story” like Taylor Swift. Can you be like Adele? “Make me feel your love” and “love me in the dark

Will you give me “bad romances” like Lady Gaga would, “dance in the dark” and have “sex dreams”? I want my fans to go nuts over your behind like that of Madonna. Actually, I need a “material girl” “like a virgin” who is “into the groove.”

I need a lady who can “roar” like Katy Perry, not the “hey, hey, hey” type. I need her to be “swish, swish” “unconditionally” “thinking of you” I mean thinking of me, because we are going to be “legendary lovers.”

Do you have that kind of vocal like Celine Dion, something to show me “the power of love”, “because you loved me”? I desire “to love you more”, but will you be able to “love me back to life” “when you fall in love” with me and not just “walk away” with “goodbyes,” burning me to “ashes” “all by yourself.”

Have you got keys like Alicia Keys? I need someone who will tell me “if I ain’t got you” “my boo” life will be like “trying to sleep with a broken heart.” Actually, I need a “superwoman; one who is “unbreakable” and “unthinkable” and never going to be a “caged bird.”

I sincerely hope your “hips don’t lie” like Shakira’s. And when I am exhausted from the day’s stress, will your voice sing sweet lullabies like Dolly Panton? Will you tell me tales of “coats of many colors” and remind me that “I am the only one.”

I am searching for a “good girl” like Carrie Underwood. I need someone who knows how to hand over the wheels to Jesus. She should be ready to live “inside my heaven” and change her “last name.”

Conclusively, can you be my Sade Adu – be a Nigerian and live a foreign lifestyle? Will you give me the “kiss of life”, “cherish the day” we met and understand “nothing can come between us.” Can you “hang on to my love” and “bank on me?”

These I seek in my lady for there is “NO ORDINARY LOVE”

2019 (c) Victor Eshameh

This poetry is dedicated to all the good songs that has ever inspired me, the songwriter and the singer. The title of this poem at the time of writing was “No Ordinary Love” dedicated to Sade Adu on her 2019 birthday.

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