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My Heart; My Fears

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My Heart; My Fears

My Heart; My Fears
My Heart; My Fears – Poem
My heart tells me we might not end up together,

Maybe because my heart can tell the way your heart feels,

The fear that we might not be right to end up falling in love again.

My heart tells me we will end up not being able to develop our emotions,

Maybe because a part of you insist on going another direction,

The fear that the road not taken is better than the one once trekked.

Though my heart might be right,

It hasn’t been able to quench this heat within me,

The passion for your spirit, soul and body that has occupied my being.

Though, my heart might be right again,

But I’m ready to give you what we once lost,

Something our carelessness stole from us.

If I ask you to marry me,

Please do not say Yes,

Tell me No when you mean it.

I know it might never be possible to achieve this dreams of being with you,

But I am ready to teach you to love again,

And be your best friend like we have promised.

My Heart; My Fears © Victor Eshameh 2018.

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