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My True Love _ A Love Poem

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love a beautiful woman

My True Love
You were lost and I found you
Shivering at the dark Corner
Facing the night sky
Crying through the window
Then, you were found by me

I was in disposition
When I couldn’t see you
I should have loved you truly
But I kept loving you misguidedly
Maybe I should have been keen to you
So that such would never had happened

Then I lost you
To the Wild Beastly World
Leaving you to solve your puzzle
All alone in the dark
I was never better
I was never good

I couldn’t let you go
I couldn’t let the past affect us again
I never let my bad change me
Because you are my True Love
You are my True Love
You are all I need
With you, my darkness shimmers to light
With you my atmosphere is cool.
You line my horizon.
My true Love

© Daniel

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