It is Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dream

Sodeeq Abdulakeem

The day you start scoring goals is the day you will start realising your goals.” – Samuel Eto’o

When each man was created, God planted something inside him to be serving as promise of what he has to offer the world he inheres. If man gives room to this promise to grow and manifest, he will be living his dream, fulfilling his dream and transforming the world to either his own or what the society demands. And if he can’t, he would be existing in a world of poverty because of his inability to tap from his source of greatness.

It is unfortunate that we found ourselves in a world, where the configuration limits us than how it freeds us. We believe that when you have reach certain age, you cannot make it again. We believe that, if you don’t belongs to certain religion, sex, creed, or gathering, you can’t actualise your dream. These beliefs are shams. The world is full of people who have changed the narratives by shining than ever in the path they tread in life. We are not exclusive of making our world better regardless what has been said against us.

What is easy for people is to say something bad or negative in order to weigh you down and stop you from pursuing your dream, but if you don’t let their words – bad and negative – they have said about you to hold you down, you will tower to the peak of your aspiration. The bigger the dream, the bigger the enemy. Joel Osteen in one of his books noted that: “To do ordinary things, you need good friends. But to do extraordinary things, you need great enemy.”

The lives of great people were never devoid of distress and trauma. What those people realised is that they knew that their choices will automatically influence their results. In doing that, they differentiate what it means to be pursuing other people’s dream from pursuing theirs.

Those that are pursuing other people’s dreams hardly make it because as their paths become rough, they would be making excuses, drifted from one side to another and rarely find happiness in whatever they do.

On the other hand, if you are pursuing your dream, everything – age, creed, beliefs, religion and any other thing that might have been designed to hold you down – won’t work for you.

“The road to successes, says Gordon Tredgold, “is full of twists and turns, ups and downs…” As you are pursuing your dreams everyday, you will be filled with vitality, enthusiasm and steel to keep sailing your path till you earn the success, happiness and fulfilment you desired.

However, you started being drifting off your dreams when you started living the life you don’t want at the expense of the life you want. If you want to achieve your dream, you don’t have to place your happiness on the results of what you are doing.

You have to fuel your happiness deep within yourself so that you can be doing what you have to do with fervour and commitment by realising that what you are doing owes you nothing when compares to what you owes yourself. Success is not the key to happiness,” says Albert Schweitzer, “happiness is the key to success.”

Patricia Etteh, a former Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives pursued her dream by enrolling for Law after she was impeached as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. She described the day she was called to Bar as the happiest day of her life.

In the just concluded Nigerian Law School “Call to Bar” ceremony, another revered successful man graduated in flying colours in his sixties! He simply said his soul would never rest if he doesn’t pursue career in Law.

This same spirit of pursuing your dreams no matter what it takes was what ignited Donzella Washington to start pursuing her dreams at the age of seventy-seven years. Between 2010 and 2013, she lost her mother, sister and husband. After overcoming the grief, she enrolled in Social Work at the Alabama A&M University. On the 6th of December, 2019, she graduated in Magna Cum Laude (great distinction) and also scored 4.0 GPA in her final semester at the age of eighty years!

Like Washington, nothing should stop you from chasing your dream. You have to be realising that it is your dream and you have to live it through continuous realisation of short term goals that will accumulate and end up in becoming the long term goals, thereby bringing you your desired rewards.

Don’t loose yourself in the pursuit of your dream till you filled your hunger for it. John Lennon charges, “Everything will be okay in the end. And if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

No one is born to live below his dream. Deposited inside everymen are promises of God to attain lofty heights, achieve feats and leave behind indelible footprints, marks and legacies that will outlived them. Remember, your life don’t end the day you dies, it ends the day you have lost your reasons for living.

Here wishing you a prosperous and fulfilling year 2020 in advance!

Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a writer and co-author of the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.”

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