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The ark of moral universe may be long, but it bends towards justice.

Martin Luther King Jr

The past few days have been dreadful days, most especially, if you are a Nigerian; her residents or you entertain a degree of goodwill for her.

This is because we have realised that power lies in our hands and we have summon the courage to show those in positions of authority how we want to be governed.

At least, our wellbeing matters. And we are ready to go all out for it. The messages are clear.

Anybody who hear the stories behind the grievances and grouses of Nigerians will commend us for the patience, hope and patriotism exercised towards upholding unity as a means of stabilising the country.

But now, it is a lost battle to the government.

At least, that the youth can rise against the brutality, impunity and injustice of a unit of the Nigerian Police Force known as F-SARS, shows that we are ready be responsible for our wellbeing by demanding transparency and accountability in our public spheres.

Donald J. Trump says, “If people waited for everything to be perfect before attempting anything, the world would be in a sorry state.”

As one of the victims of F-SARS’ harassment, extortion and abuses, my feeling is heightened that we have rediscover our vigour to send message in clear terms to those at the helms of affairs that we are tired of being goaded by those we entrusted with our liberty, security, rights and privileges.

I hope never again would we have such irresponsible personnel representing us in security uniforms!

To me personally, I think the end to this F-SARS menace is long overdue. But because we are bound to be patronising opportunists; those who are riddled with negligence, complacency and procrastination; waddle in cluelessness, mediocrity and bereft of ideas, we wallow in this pathetic state.

But it is true that nothing can stop the idea whose time has come.

Since 2016, when Amnesty International released a damning reports of the attrocities of the Nigerian Police Force, specifically the F-SARS, measures would have been put in place to address the overboard and lawlessness being perpetrated by those officers.

However, because government herself pays no respect for lives and properties of her subjects, which simply symbolised that she condoned with the evil practices of F-SARS, it takes the guts of citizens to show government the right way.

Plato once remarked that “…evil is not a principle of strength, but of discord and dissolution.”

That, such a report from an international human rights advocacy groups cannot compel our government to look into the state of affairs of F-SARS means no magnitude of evil or injustice at local front can propel her to either investigate the immorality of F-SARS personnel, or to restructure their modus operandi.

So, Plato was right in one of his Classical Maxims that “For an oracle says that when a man of brass or iron guards the State, it will be destroyed.”

That is why innocent citizens were maimed, roasted, killed, raped, and roped in exchange for criminals just because they cannot pay bail fee!

Many people have been victimised. Their discrepancies know no bounds; neither the mighties nor lowly.

My heart aches when I heard the story of Seyi Akinade; a bitcoin dealer and final year student of the Federal University Abeokuta, who committed suicide because he, unfortunately couldn’t log-out his account when he was trading before he was being harassed and molested by men of F-SARS.

What would one say to the alleged killing of Tiyamiyu Kazeem popularly known as Kaka, in Ogun State? A bright lad and prospect, who was about to etched his name on the heart of Nigerians as one of the modern day most gifted and talented football players got killed in such a controversial circumstance.

What of Modebayo Awosika and many more victims whose space can’t permit me to mention.

Nobody has ever been brought to justice among the officers of F-SARS. They are always right because they ate legally allowed to bear arms.

Yusuf Olaolu Ali rightly noted, “Killing another person unjustly is equivalent to killing the whole of humanity…”

Nigerians may not be dying physically every day, but they are killing our hope, aspirations.

Our sense of commonality that binds us as citizens of Nigeria is being bullied every day through unjust and unfair treatment of a government establishments.

Have we all put the words of Plato, “To do injustice is said to be a good; to suffer injustice is an evil,” into the waste bin?

Nigerians should be reminded that the battle has just begun and we should be ready.

This is because, F-SARS is not the only government establishment abusing our privilege. There are others.

Abuses, mediocrity and harassments of people’s privilege are some of the intricacies underpinning and undergirding how our institutions are configured. And now that they have seen the power we wield by forcing F-SARS out of the game, they may go extra-length to suppress our will.

We have to be relentless in this course.

Nigerians – both at home and Diaspora – should keep raising our voices in the quest of shaping the future to what our forefathers envisioned.

We should be courageous but humane and ethical as we take our turn to demand for justice.

We should exhibit selflessness and companionship as we face a new order.

Our strength should lie in the words of Tatalo Alamu that “No nation that hopes to survive can avoid routine and periodic restructuring.”

A quest like this is inevitable.

For I believe that as time catches up with F-SARS, so it will with all government, agencies, parastatals, bodies, ministries, departments, politicians or political parties.

Nigerians deserved to be governed in consistent with our aspirations, using love to build strength and faith. It is when these become the principles and epithets to our social ideals that the labour of our past heroes would not be in vain.

Let’s keep serving Nigeria with all our heart and might, so that we can birth a nation where freedom, peace, unity, justice reigns.

SULYMAN, Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a Librarian, Writer who co-authored the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.”