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Oh, what a pleasant time. If only day were this tame, It would bring peace.

Yet another day passes.
Over hills, twilight presses.
Moon already hung up high,
Welcoming nightfall.

Birds flying up to their nests,
Chirping time to rest.
Time for peace and stillness,
Time to restore our minds and bodies.

As all fades into night,
A hollow of absence of light.
Only twinkling lights of stars,
Sparkling in amid.

No drama or anger lingering,
No quarrels or crying interrupting,
Only songs of crickets,
Only dances of star lights.

Oh, what a pleasant time.
If only day were this tame,
It would bring peace.

© Marylin M. Naane

Research and Content Manager

Victor I. Eshameh

The manager in-charge of research and content heads the department with the following sub-divisions – research unit, content creation unit, content management unit, design and graphics unit. Among other roles, the manager is hired to research, plan and implement programs; oversee research and content creation projects of clients and associates. “I write customer case studies for business, helping organisations capture their best customer stories to build customers’ trust and add credibility to their sales and marketing. I have also worked in positions such as market research, run affiliate marketing and customer representative system. I have helped businesses relate with other businesses and prospective clients.”