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No one is love perfect

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No one is love perfect

Best friends forever

At first, one would think the easiest thing in life should be love. Because we were told that love is everything good and charming. Love is kind. Love is caring. Love is patient. Love is gentle. God is love. You know the rest.

Wait until you have fallen in and out of several relationship “successfully”, only then will you understand that it is much easier to fall out of a relationship than getting to keep one.  Yes, I used the word “successfully”; not everyone who falls out of love remain the same.

There are several aftermath of a broken relationship. Some people lose their livelihood. Some people develop low self-esteem. While some never fall in love again, some take their own lives. But the truth is, No one is love perfect!

Regardless of how much love you show the wrong person; when it is time for them to leave you they will do that without a second thought. Only then will you recognize that you have loved blindly for too long. It is never your fault!

Every relationship has its ups and downs, sweet and sour moments; days of laughter and moments of tears. You can’t predict when any of these will hit your relationship. You can only try to prevent the bad ones from coming too close.

A popular saying goes thus, “two cannot work except they agree”. Though no one is love perfect, but you can’t be the only one loving while the other is only appreciating. A time will come when there will be too much familiarity that there will be nothing to appreciate anymore. It sure takes two persons to keep a love life. You can’t and shouldn’t force your way into anyone’s heart regardless of how addicted you are to such.

If the feeling is not mutual, two cannot tangle. Love cost a whole lot of things, and the first is acceptance. If you are not accepted for who and what you are, such love “claim” will fade away when there is a storm.

A relationship that comes with a wide network of acceptance will cover a wide range of your imperfections. This is the only time love is true. If two people in a relationship share this truth with all sincerity regardless of their love imperfections their love will never die.

Am I right or wrong?

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