How to make your own facemasks at home

Are you wondering if wearing a mask pose a health risk? Do you feel uncomfortable while on the nose or face mask? Who shouldn’t wear a nose mask? Are children to wear nose mask?

Experts have requested that babies and toddlers should not wear masks as they could suffocate as a result of insufficient air.

Though there is a false rumour about health issues as a result of the use of nose or facial masks, experts say not for most people.

Experts have also advised that wearing a nose mask or other facial covering is important especially in public places. People who need help putting on and off the nose mask might be exempted from the use of masks.

Acknowledging that coronavirus spreads majorly through droplets, it has been advised that being six meters apart will help prevent spread.

In a report by AP, it has been observed that there’s also no evidence that the use of masks causes fungal or bacterial infections. Disposable face masks are meant to be used once, then thrown in the garbage. With cloth masks, it’s a good idea to wash them regularly.

(Associated Press)