…of the fading memoirs…

of the fading memoirs


of the fading memoirs – by Daniel Aremu

My days are young
But it seems the memoirs are old
Oh! My little minds
Ache as of a thousand age

It seems the memoirs of old

It’s relieving itself
From my misty mind
Which seems old

Where will they go?
Am I going to miss them?
There’s nothing I can do
My mind need space

The memoirs of new
Taking over
Is this also the sign of growing old
Oh! It aches a lot

Where will my people’s memories go?
With all the awesome moments spent
Where can I keep all the Blake
That we’ve once bloke together

It seems I’ll forget the miss
But I’ll try to lay to the means
To inscribe you in my heart
At least you’ll be there and be safe


…of the fading memoirs…

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