When you find love
You don’t need to be told
Your heart wouldn’t skip
But your mind will want to
It’s like been drunk with wine
You feel so crazy and dummy
But you still act wield and strong
So much energy fills you up
You talk and walk like you own the yard
You think twice before you make a move
And rehearse the next step before you venture
It painful to know that you’ve gone mad
But it hurts to see that you can’t help it
It is even worse than a cold spaghetti
If she gets to notice all the drama was for her
Every lady is a drama queen
And there’s no stopping that
Once I was in love,
It felt like nothing else exists than this
Once I was in love
I lost my breathe and my mind at the same time
Once I was in love
I almost died!

© Victor Eshameh 2019