Overcoming Bad Choices

Overcoming Bad Choices

I am standing before today; not as one of those whose backgrounds were merry and delightful, but as a man who have learned from my wrongs and used them to shape my future.” – Potentiality Builders

In the past, we have all made one or two decisions that don’t favour us; we invest our monies in the wrong capital markets, we enrol for programs and courses we are not passionate about, we keep ourselves in companies of bad friends, we say less where we should have say much, we were rejected by people rather than being accepted, or the outcome of something we have done end in failure – when we anticipated otherwise.

The fact is, nobody has ever risen to prominence without loosing himself to bad choices. We consider something as bad choices when its results are not what we envisage. It is normal for us to anticipate peace of mind by making a choice and it might end in frustration. It is normal for us to foresee tranquility in the choice we have to make and in the end, we might encounter startling and frightening outcomes. Sometimes, nature changes what we want to what it is ready to offer!

Bad choices, like good choices are also inevitable. They are the products of what we have settled for based on our perceived impressions to either bring us immediate or long term benefits, but what only arises from them poses threat to our survival and desired rewards. Hence, when bad choices erupt, we tend to let them paint the wrong picture in our minds, instead of letting them spur us to fine-tuning our abilities. Bill Vaughan affirmed, “In the game of life it’s a good idea to have a few early losses, which relieves you of the pressure of trying to maintain an undefeated season.”

Because it is our responsibility to learn how to be overcoming bad choices, the following steps are significant to transforming and redefining our bad choices to great choices. Excerpts:

Accept Yourself: What most people always resort to when bad choices come their way is to be seeing themselves as incompetent or not deserves to be given another chance. No. The first prerequisite for overcoming bad choices is to see yourself as you are; accept yourself and always make yourself available to changes that can transform your bad choices to your desired choices. It may not be your fault that something doesn’t work out the way you want it, but it becomes a weakness for you to compound your woes by loosing your inner self in the storm of bad choices.

Don’t Blame Anyone: This strategy is usually adopted and deployed by cowards who are always ready to be commended for the good things in their lives and when it comes to acknowledging the bad things, they point fingers at somebody else. Doing this when our bad choices manifest won’t only stop us from attempting another tries; it limits us, it makes our strengths to wander and drain, and also blocks our visions from seeing the opportunities accompanying our bad choices.

Evaluate How You Initially Did It: It is also important for you to look back into what you have done that brings those bad choices. Do you have a plan? Was your plan strategically initiated, executed and monitored? Doing this will avail you the opportunity to identify where you are and what you have learned in the process of making your life better. You have to question what, when, where, why, and how associated with your choices in order for you to reposition yourself from bad to great. Remember, only a fool will keep doing something the same way and be expecting similar results!

Are You Still Passionate About It?: Passion is the energy that fuels whatever we do in life. For you to change your bad choices to great choices, you need to know how enthusiastic you are about your choices. If you are ready to attend to your choices at any moment, or it is that your choices always drive you and stir your inner power to navigate in the course of your life, then they are choices that worth sticking to. If you discover that the energy reserved to propagate your choices has been depleted, it is ideal for you to switch to something related to that choice or can earn you the same or similar rewards you envision from the your choices.

Can You Try It Again?: If you have determined that you are still passionate about your choice, it means you can encourage, motivate and inspire yourself to try again. Most of the breakthroughs that had been recorded in human’s histories are born of the resilience and perseverance of people who refused to let their setbacks be their pull-backs. Once you have known that you can try again, you can transform your bad choices to great choices.

Upgrade Yourself: What makes your choices appeared bad is because your expectations were not met. Therefore, if you want your expectations to be met as you are about to make another try, endeavour to upgrade yourself; your skills, your abilities, equipping yourself or the people around you. Every choices – either great or bad – are meant to make us better. Successful people don’t approach their choices with the same level of acumen they possessed while making their last choices, they always reinforce and empowere themselves ahead of the choices they are about to make in the future.

Relaunch Yourself or Diversify: After going through the whole exercise, you can re-engage yourself in your choices or you can diversify. Re-engaging yourself means that you have redefine your choices and you have learned from your setbacks, thereby you are trying again to make what you envisioned from your choices become beneficial one to you. And if it is for you to diversify, that means your choices are no more feasible, or that you don’t possess the requisite skills to keep being in the fray of your choices. Napoleon Hill submitted, “You can’t change where you started, but you can change the direction you are going. It’s not what you are going to do, but it’s what you are doing now that counts.”

Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem is a writer who co-authored the book “Responsible Living: Live to Fulfill Your Potential.

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