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Yet another day passes. Over hills, twilight presses. Moon already hung up high, Welcoming nightfall. Birds flying up to their nests, Chirping time to rest. Time for peace and stillness, Time to restore our minds and bodies. As all fades into night, A hollow of an absence of light. Only twinkling lights of stars, Sparkling…
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Understanding the true identity of unhappiness

Unhappiness is the direct opposite of happiness. Unhappiness can be as a result of any and so many things. Regaining happiness after a long period of unhappiness requires a lot of efforts and diligence. Happiness cannot be hidden; same is the case of unhappiness. Unhappiness causes you to be restless, sleepless, tired and depressed. Though,…
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Trending African dance moves and how to dance them

People around the world dance for different reasons and in different ways. Some dances can express feelings like sadness, anger, or joy. Other dances can tell a story. Africa for the past years have become a heaven and oven of fresh dance moves for the world. First let me take you through 10 viral African…
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How to deal with naysayers trying to spoil your ambition

“I want to thank all the people who have told me I couldn’t do it. It is because they doubted me that I leaped this high.” – Anonymous We all have find ourselves in a situation where we are asked what we want to do or become. It is always demoralising when the next thing…
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PICTURES: Going the extra mile with pre-wedding pictures

One fact rules this world we live in, and this one single fact is creativity. Pre-wedding photos Going the extra mile and making things happen in a uniquely different way is what moves the world. These pre-wedding photos are what I call going the extra mile. Pre-wedding photos PETS AND ANIMALS: (Pictures) See what your…
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Are hiccups dangerous; how do you get rid of it?

How do you get rid of hiccups? Do you hold your breath? Do you breathe into a paper bag? Maybe you have someone scare you? Or do you just wait until they go away? Everyone has a favorite cure for hiccups. But why we get them is a mystery to science. They seem to serve no purpose. WHAT ARE HICCUPS? Hiccups start from the diaphragm (pronounced…
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Why does wolves and dogs look so much alike?

From a distance you might not be able to tell a wolf from a dog. Wolves look very much like some dogs, such as German shepherds. The main difference is size. Wolves are bigger. They can be 6 feet (2 meters) long and weigh 200 pounds (90 kilograms). Wolves and dogs come from a common ancestor. Dogs were tamed…
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You can see still see blue whales, giant pandas, and tigers. But these animals are in danger of becoming extinct. There aren’t many of them left. Blue whales, giant pandas, and tigers are some of the endangered animals on Earth. There are thousands of others. WHY DO ANIMALS GO EXTINCT? Different kinds of animals have appeared and disappeared…
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George W. Bush: “Freedom is under attack”

George W. Bush, President of the United States of America as at the time of 9/11 attack on American soil addressed a joint session of Congress to discuss the tragedy. The incident which happened on September 11, 2001, saw the the hijacking of two planes and crashing of the twin towers of the World Trade…
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Understanding the physiology of cats

The body of a domestic cat is extremely flexible; its skeleton contains more than 230 bones (the human skeleton, although much larger, contains 206 bones), and its pelvis and shoulders are more loosely attached to its spine than in most other quadrupeds. The cat’s great leaping ability and speed are due in part to its…
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Effects of sexual harassment in workplaces and schools

Sexual harassment often has adverse effects on the victim’s performance at work or school.

I left the window open and God came in

I left the window open And God came in My hands began to tremble My feet were shakin’ He stood there confused Glanced around for a while He examined my face And then gave a wry smile “I was supposed to meet,” He said “A diminutive mouse” “There are none around here.” I said “You’ve…
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The Many Faces Of June

His heart was broken a few times before Promised not to love again, shut himself out Found peace in solitude, in his four-walled sanctum. Made music out of misery Painted pictures of atonement His ink bled no second chances Stone cold heart, reeks of loneliness Conquered by defiance Solemn face, aged by pride. Also Read:…
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Tomorrow When I Wake Up – Frank Solanki

Tomorrow when I wake up I’m gonna need a shake-up Cause I’ve had a little break-up And there’s nothing I wanna take up O’ Love Well my soul will need some cleaning Now that life has lost its meaning When all I needed was a little love And a shoulder for some leaning O’ Love…
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My Celebrity Girlfriends

Conclusively, can you be my Sade Adu – be a Nigerian and live a foreign lifestyle? Will you give me the “kiss of life”, “cherish the day” we met and understand “nothing can come between us.” Can you “hang on to my love” and never “turn your bank on me?”

I Can’t Breathe (In Memory of George Floyd)

I want to breathe But I can’t breathe I could not see his face His knee was on my neck Life was going fast away from my soul I want to breathe But I can’t breathe 46yrs ago, I learnt my first wordMama! mama! mama!25th May 2020,I spoke my last wordMama! mama! mama!And I still…
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Portrait of fall by Alora M. Knight

Throughout our world’s creation
You will ever find it thus,
Kaleidoscopes of color,
In God’s hand, the artist’s brush.

How to work your big dreams to a reality

Many of the goals worth aiming for in life calls for not just a sprint but a marathon. But how big is your dream? If your heart is not fit enough to run the length of it, then you will find yourself stopping halfway through and giving up before you reach the finish line. This…
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Easy steps to make pizza while in lockdown

Homemade pizza nerds are a passionate bunch; for a timid novice, the sheer amount of conflicting information available on various pizza-enthusiast boards is anything but encouraging. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to build a backyard brick oven or even buy a stone to make great pizza – in fact, you probably…
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5 Signs that Shows Your Dog is Lonely

Dogs are lively animals, there are five signs that shows your dog might be lonely. We all want our dogs to live full, happy lives, but sometimes our jam-packed schedules and busy routines can sadly result in our pups feeling lonely and isolated. Dogs’ personalities are as individual as humans’, so their reasons for feeling…
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The Cry of the Dreamer – John Boyle O’Reilly

I am tired of planning and toiling In the crowded hives of men; Heart-weary of building and spoiling And spoiling and building again. And I long for the dear old river, Where I dreamed my youth away; For a dreamer live forever, And a toiler dies in a day. I am sick of the showy…
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How are mirrors made to reflex your image?

Mirrors are used in many ways for example in telescopes, flashlights, headlights of cars and lamps in lighthouse. Mirrors are pieces of glass. It was discovered that glass forms when melted solid materials are cooled quickly, so that they do not produce crystals. Also See: Facts About Robots The main ingredients for making glass are…
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Letter to my unborn – Victor Eshameh

Hey Babs, I guess this is my second time of writing to you about the same concern. I’m so sorry to bother you. You’re not here yet, but I’ve loaded you up with the stress of the world already. It is not my intention to be this creative about writing you all. Sometimes, my world…
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To my daughter Betty, The gift of God – Thomas M. Kettle

In wiser days, my darling rosebud, blown To beauty proud as was your mother’s prime, In that desired, delayed, incredible time, You’ll ask why I abandoned you, my own, And the dear heart that was your baby throne, To dice with death. And oh! They’ll give you rhyme And reason: some will call the thing…
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“Do not change who you are”

Motivational speakers would say you are who you are, you don’t have to change you. Because you are unique and special. But whenever I hear these words over and again, I wonder if it is actually passing the right message. We live in a world where change is one of the numerous “constant”. From generation…
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The Agricultural Irish Girl

If all the women in the town were bundled up together, I know a girl could beat them all, in any kind of weather; The rain can’t wash the powder off, because she does not wear it, Her face and figure’s all her own: it’s true, for I declare it! Also Read: Sad Girl [The…
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The time I have lost in wooing – Thomas Moore

The time I’ve lost in wooing, In watching and pursuing The light that lies In woman’s eyes, Has been my heart’s undoing. Though wisdom oft has taught me I scorn the lore that bought me, My only books Were woman’s looks, And folly’s all they’ve taught me. Also Read: Toasting an African Lady Her smile…
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Dry be that tears my gentle love – Richard Sheridan

Dry be that tear, my gentle love, Be hustled that struggling sigh: Nor seasons, day, nor fate shall prove More fixed, more true, than I: Hushed be that sigh, be dry that tear, Cease boding doubt, cease anxious fear – Dry be that tear. Also Read: Tears of a broken heart Ask’st thou how long…
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The Progress of Poetry – Jonathan Swift

The farmer’s goose, who in the stubble Has fed without restraint or trouble, Grown fat with corn and sitting still, Can scarce get o’er the barndoor sill; And hardly waddles forth to cool Her belly in the neighbouring pool! Nor loudly cackles at the door; For cackling shows the goose is poor. Also Read: POETRY:…
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Be Passionate with Your Hobby

You will find your purpose where you find your happiness.” – Anonymous A few days ago, I was conversing with one of my friends and I asked him what he is doing right now, since most states are at the behest of restrictions and lockdown. I was shocked and devastated by his response because he…
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