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Pain, Heartache, And Loneliness

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Slowly I feel myself breaking.
My knees feel weak; it seems I’m shaking.
My arms are tired and my legs feel numb.
My mind in a haywire and I want to run.

Stress is building, tears still fall.
My lonely nights I lay
Staring at these blank walls.

Hopeless sleep with no means to an end
Keeping me from the monsters within.
Tragic flares and dreams down the drain.
The nightmares I have bring me the most pain.

Wishing for the truth, but only finding lies.
The secrets I try to keep behind
My dull brown eyes.

My tears won’t stop, I can’t keep fighting.
I’m losing all hope of ever finding.
I don’t know who I am; with everything going on,
I’ve lost myself in this midst of a crowd.

My heart can’t take this never ending pain,
With every word they say I feel like they drain.
My dying, beating heart that has nothing to gain.

The stares I receive like I shame them so bad,
But the truth is that I only wanted to try,
Try and fight for what I had.

Now here I am, with this lonely broken soul,
Awaiting my faith in this pitch black hole.

© Tyreka S

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Victor I. Eshameh

The manager in-charge of research and content heads the department with the following sub-divisions – research unit, content creation unit, content management unit, design and graphics unit. Among other roles, the manager is hired to research, plan and implement programs; oversee research and content creation projects of clients and associates. “I write customer case studies for business, helping organisations capture their best customer stories to build customers’ trust and add credibility to their sales and marketing. I have also worked in positions such as market research, run affiliate marketing and customer representative system. I have helped businesses relate with other businesses and prospective clients.”