First, you must understand that this is a true life story; an event that unfolded in Kampala, Uganda.
This move was produced by Disney in association with ESPN films production; John B. Carls, Cine Mosaic, Mirabari films production, Mira Nair film.

The major cast in this movie include: David Oyelowo, Lupita Nyong’O, Madina Nalwanga, and Martin Kabanza among others.

Queen of Katwe tells the story of a Ugandan girl who was deprived of western education and also social associations. Born into a family of five without the presence of a father, Phiona grew in the hands of her mother. Just like every other African mother, Nakku (Phiona’s mother) had to strive extra hard to meet the needs of the family. The family were a perfect example of a ghetto resident. They lived in kiosks and when they were unable to pay for rent any more, they had to move to an abandoned church facility.

Nakku also faced problem raising her kids. She had four children – two boys and two girls. Her first born daughter at a tender age became promiscuous. Night was all out trying to live a comfortable life with her lover boy. Nakku wanted all her children to join her in the market to sell her wares, but Night (Nakku’s first child) isn’t that kind of child. At the end, Night met with an ill fate. She became pregnant and her lover boy sent her out.

Phiona, on her part wanted to associate with her peers but the nature of her mother’s trade won’t permit her. She found her way into a chess club organize for children by Robert (David Oyelowo). Her mother was never in support of this, so she had to keep sneaking in and out of the club. At first, she was not received with an open hand by the kids in the club. She smelled and had dirty clothes on. They later got to love her. But during this process, Phiona had to buckle up; she bath frequently, wear clean clothes and try to study hard enough to be acquainted with the others who were attending school.

Phiona became the Queen of Katwe because of her prowess in chess game. She along other kids in the club attended several competitions and Phiona was always bringing home the trophy. She had so many trophies in her poor home to the extent it became drinking and eating dishes.

Phiona showed a good spirit all the way until she finally gave room for pride. She became too confident of her ability to win in the game of chess and this led to her major lose in an international competition.
Though she failed at a point because of pride, but she did not fail her family. Phiona built a comfortable apartment for her family and ensured that they have a good life. She and her siblings were able to go to school.