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Rainbow bridge

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I looked to the meadows with tears in my eyes, The memories were flowing with such a surprise.

I look to the day when the Lord calls upon thee,
My time had come for my one final journey.
To begin searching, looking for my little boy,
With love and compassion and such a great joy.

My heart is racing with thoughts of what is to come,
No more pain, no more sorrow and nothing to run from.
With anticipation, no words could seem to compare,
Was longing for love everlasting, an answer to prayer.

I looked to the meadows with tears in my eyes,
The memories were flowing with such a surprise.
Knowing soon I’d be united with my furry friend,
Being so happy knowing this time they’d never end.

I call out his name with the hopes he will hear me,
With a voice of an Angel, a wind whispering a plea.
Excitement in the thought of never again being alone,
Together with my little Patches on our way home.

On this Day at Rainbow Bridge, I again was alive
The time was at hand for my dreams to arrive.
With the fruits of the spirit, God’s gift from above,
Then I saw Jesus with my little Baby, so full of love.

I looked upon the Lord as I embraced my Little One,
He smiled and said to me, “It is my will to be done”
The journey has ended, a love that will last forever,
And then side-by-side we crossed over together.

© James G. Karas

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