You must acquire this knowledge before it is taken away, and its taking away means that it will be lifted up. The scholar and the seeker of knowledge will share the reward, and there is no good in the rest of the people.” – Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

How do you feel when you comes across someone who is versed in his field? How do you feel when you are engaged by someone who is versatile in his area of interest? How do you feel when you comes across someone who had mastered everything he does? How do you feel when you encounter someone who possesses in-depth understanding of both basic and advanced cues of elements the path he treads is comprised? How do you feel when you heard the name of an authoritative individual?

No doubt, when we encounter any of the questions above, we would be moved to altitude. Apart that we would be curious to learn from those people and pick some principles that has worked for them, we would hold them in high esteem outrightly. However, whatever impressions we hold about knowledgeable people, we have to understand that they start from somewhere and it has become part and parcel of them today because of their sheer commitment, humility, determination, respect and subjection.

That is why I like the Universal doctrine that says “We must seek for, or we must acquire knowledge.” Knowledge is the primacy for everything we are enjoying today. The greatest things about knowledge is not that it is about what is inside you, it is about what you can do with what is inside you! It is not about the amount of information you have comprehended, it is about what you can demonstrate with that information.
We have to mandate it for ourselves to be seeking for knowledge – regardless of the medium it can be available to us. This is because knowledge, as the accumulation of information is what skills, expertise and abilities that we can demonstrate, share and inject in other people, so that they can also be adding value to others. Any knowledgeable person will never see humanity as a curse, but a cause to set other people on course!

People that are making waves and being relevant today are apprentice of knowledge. Within themselves, they are feeling starved, which only becoming knowledgeable can fill. Let us together look at what being knowledgeable can earn anyone:

Knowledge Let You Know About Yourself: The first reward for being knowledgeable is that it gives you the vantage to have clear understanding of whom you are. It brings into fore, your strength and your weaknesses and it also reveals various strategies you can adopt to overcome your weaknesses.

Knowledge Let You Respect And Value Others: As far as knowledge comes with demonstration and exemplification, its underlying principles dictate that we should respect and value other people because their is no one that doesn’t have worth and if eventually some people have not discovered their own area of authority, because you knowledgeable, you should value and respect in them.

Knowledge Improves Your Reasoning: The primacy of any knowledge is to have a robust mental capacity and intellection. Knowledge gives you the edge where novice or average minds are struggling because it provides glimpse and grasps of all ideas and concepts you are working on and it let you arrives at logical, correct and acceptable thinking.

Knowledge Draw People to Your Side: In any situation, maybe because of the way you solve problem, address others or in anything where you demonstrates astuteness, believe it or not, it will add to the pack of people following you. Knowledge, like a magnet, is easy to attract people to your course.

Knowledge Makes You A Winner: There is no doubt that knowledge minimises the number of defeat one has to encounter. Therefore, the more knowledgeable we are, the more we win. Even if you can’t win on your own, because it is like a magnet, it will definitely draw the winners to your clique.

Knowledge Becomes Your Appetite: Imagine yourself as a passionate horticulturist: You will never loose your drives in wetting the flowers. That is how being knowledgeable looks like, you will always feel something is lacking deep inside you, which only Knowing more and giving more can satisfies.

Knowledge Gives People the Reason to Respect You: The ultimate reward of being knowledgeable is that it will make you a unique brand in the mind of other people, and with that, they will be taking it upon themselves that you deserves to be respected for what you have known. If you feel other people have not accorded respect to you as you deserves, acquire more knowledge and you shall witness massive upsurge in how you will be treated and respected.

In any area of our lives we are passionate about, let’s take it upon ourselves to seek knowledge on it. Make knowledge exploration your refuge because in it, you will automatically see your weaknesses subsided. Make knowledge acquisition your companion, you shall see yourself thriving in understanding and distinctions. Make knowledge seeking your challenge and you shall see yourself leaping above what are previously ahead of you!

Till I comes your way next week, I wish you a knowledge filled week.

©️ Sulyman Sodeeq Abdulakeem