Every self is on a journey
Discovery is a necessity
Hence, innovation is born
For life without tis all
Is an end without ado

Self discovery journey
A journey for all in all
Wherein there is no map
Every step is a new one
The trip that ends in death

Where you’re regardless
Who you know notwithstanding
What you’ve notwithstanding
When you were born regardless
It’s all about how you choose

You don’t get to make these
Choices are made for you
For until you set loose
You won’t be set free
Freedom is making ur choice

The road to self discovery
Expect the unexpected
Life is no fairyland
Dreams don’t count
Hardwork does better

Dream big regardless
Thus get enough sleep
Don’t forget to rise early
Use your head steadily
Don’t forget to make plans

For none has ever made it
Without self discovery
A mix of self confidence
A drop of self control
Life’s journey always end well

“Self discovery journey” was written by Victor Eshameh © 2020