sharing your dream

Sharing your dreams is an important part of making them real.

This is the cogent reason you have to take proper care of your dreams. You can’t be too sure who your dreamtakers would be. But this shouldn’t restrict you from sharing your dreams. Build strong emotional and physical barriers to keep your dreams safe and away from dreamtakers.

Aside from the down pulling effects of dreamtakers, you also have a larger part to play in either crash landing your dreams or seeing it through tough times. Let me give you tips on how to run with your dreams:

Put your dreams into writing. Put them in a place where you can constantly refer to them. Translate your dreams into short term goals. Share your dreams with meekness to positive people who can guide you.

The next important thing to do is figure out the price you have to pay. Overly, I have been talking about “price to pay” in other stay motivated during COVID-19 series. It is important to clearly understand that nothing goes for nothing in the real world. Everything has it price, including salvation. There is a part of the scriptures that say “But we were but with a price.” in reference to the death of Jesus on the cross.

Give up whatsoever it requires just to get your dreams running. If you are not ready to sacrifice something, you will end up getting nothing. Every big invention and accomplishments were once dreams in the heart of ordinary men and women who did all they could to be extraordinary by persisting and creating big inventions.

The truth is, no one is born empty. We all have something within us that is crying out for discovery. There is an hunger in our heart that we aren’t paying attention to. And rather than finding or discovering ourselves, most times we enjoy sitting around and passionately passing blames. Stop it.

Some of us have tried to reach success, but it often seem the road to success is still far ahead. Be determined not to give up if your course is right. Just remember how COVID-19 attack has killed so many across the world, yet there are some medical health persons who won’t give up trying to find it cure.

The day you give up on your dreams because of the dusty road in it, that day you would have killed thousands and hundreds of thousands of souls attached to that dream coming through.

I hope this piece contains information that touched your heart to be the person you have always dream of.

Think about this and stay safe.


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