Shortcut to success – Stay Motivated during COVID-19

Shortcut to success – Stay Motivated during COVID-19

In our lives, some of us get dealt a great hand of cards at the start, others a bad one. But as in any game, it’s not always the best hand that wins, it is the best player who does. But winning is not always enough. Well, depending on what winning mean to you. For some people conquering the highest mountain is not enough, but for others just being able to get out of the bed in the morning and walking around the garden is a huge achievement.

In developed nations we all receive a basic education that teaches us to read, write and do mathematics. Then we are thrown into the world, either to join the ever growing ranks of the unemployed, to sit in a salaried job, or to start business that are likely to fail.

At no stage are we taught how to get a job, or how to earn, keep and use money correctly. Rarely are these things talked about at our schools and universities. Even some of the most highly regarded business course skirt around the issue.

They teach students “soft skills” hoping that when they get out into the real world they will be able to figure it out for themselves. The old saying, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” is wide of the mark.

Fortunately, there is hope eitherways. But only a few will discover it.

Look around in your own life and you will see that the best teachers are often the best at what they do. Wealth education is usually acquired by trial and error, by risk taking, by losses and wins. This can be very time consuming and very costly, both financially and emotionally. This is your only shortcut to success.

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