person writing shorthand

This shorthand tip is essential for students, PR, secretaries and many others whose daily tasks revolve around writing or jotting. With this shorthand, you should be able to increase your text speed and also avoid spelling mistakes.

Here are a few suggestions to make your text life more exciting.

  • Shorten words by missing out vowels, for instance

Weekend = wknd

Message = msg

  • Use number if they sound like a word, for instance

Wonder = 1der

To = 2

For = 4

Ate = 8

  • Why use more than one letter when one will do? For instance,

See = C

Tea = T

You = U

  • You can substitute a single letter for combination of letters when they sound the same, for instance,

Phone = fone

Some = sum

Night = nite

  • A capital letter can be used as a substitute for a double letter that comes in the middle or at the end of a word, for instance,

Middle = miDle

Tell = teL

  • A capital letter can be used as a substitute for a long vowel, for instance,

Phone = fOn

Broke = brOk

  • A capital letter in a string of text can mean a new word starts here, for instance,

Jenny broke my phone = JenyBrokMyFon

  • The dollar sign ($) can be used for ‘double S’. For instance,

Tell me some gossip = TelMeSunGo$ip

  • The percentage symbol (%) can mean ‘double O’ or the ‘oo’ sound. For instance,

Could = c%d

Would = w%d

Wood = w%d