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Should I take her back or look else where?

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Should I take her back or look else where?

anonymous ethnic couple sitting on sofa having marriage issues

We spent years together in college,
Unfortunately she took in,
It was our second year in school
She is so beautiful, caring, homely but a bit tempered
She loves me no doubt
And I loved her for real

When her dad heard about the pregnancy
Which I never denied,
The anger in him knowing am still young and in college ends my year in jail

I left my parent out of the scene,
I took blames and tolerated the pain
3 weeks after, I was granted bail and was free to leave

I left Coal City (Enugu State) Eastern part of Nigeria, started my career in Lagos state in the Western Nigeria.
I kept in touch with her, I even visited when she was in labour and witnessed the birth of my daughter, we named her Joy.

I did my quota as a dad, though they are wealthy but I still send money for my daughters upkeep and the likes, I visited often with no one refusing me, not even the parent of my fiance,
cos they couldn’t stand my energy and zeal.

We were apart for a year and 6 months without any contact, not even reaching her or my daughter, all avenue was blocked till after my service (NYSC). Out of the blues, I got a call to come and carry my daughter because the mum is getting married the following week.

At this point I was surprised and not settled but I took courage, prayed to God, I told God I never rejected my child nor the responsibility, and a child is not a curse but a blessing.

I went to Coal City for my daughter, back to Lagos with my daughter in a single room apartment.
She was three years old as at the time I brought her to lagos without my parent knowing I had a child.

The following week I carefully chose a school for her.
I was so far away from home. My parents and siblings were base in Abuja (North-Central Nigeria). I had none to run to after my Youth Service.

I was working with Lead Way Assurance as a team head in the marketing department Victoria Island branch, Lagos. Myself and daughter make do with the pennies from this singular source.
Life with my girl wasn’t funny but she was strong, willed, smart and highly intelligent. It brings me joy knowing I have such a daughter.

I was at the office one glorious day, when I got a call from her school that she won a Unilever competition,
she was awarded a scholarship and paid some money as the face of Unilever which will last for four years. I was paid 25 million naira on behalf of my daughter.

At this point, I could no longer hide Joy; I couldn’t wait for the next holiday to shock my parents with this whole story, especially with the secret of having a daughter they never knew or heard of.

And behold it was my daughters holiday, I had to take a month off to see my parent, after breaking the news, the whole environ was quite and everyone was just coming to touch and hold Joy my daughter, they all started blasting me with words, “you are wicked and heartless for keeping this away from us”. They were all mad at me; but at the end, family will always be family, the anger was just for few minutes and everyone was happy again.

One year later, I heard my baby mama was divorced. She came back requesting for our daughter, the daughter she threw out!

Hmm mm
No trouble needed… I allowed my daughter to spend her holidays with her mum.

Presently, my daughter is pleading with me to take back her mum as my wife. Well, her mum has also been pleading, and I am so sure she put the little girl up to this.

Though I never had any date ever since we parted, and when I had a daughter, my focus and attention was on her alone.
Now I need your advice, going back to her wouldn’t bring back the best of me cos I will always see her as someone else’s wife despite the divorce. And for my daughter, I will do anything to make her happy apart from taking anyone’s life.

Should I take her back or look somewhere else?

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