Stay motivated during COVID-19

Life’s way of testing your true belief is to make things difficult. The only thing you can do is persist.
The rich are the biggest failure. Successful people fail more than failures. But they are different from failures in one respect: they keep learning and working towards their goal until eventually they succeed.

Understand that failure and success are constant. If you fail, you keep working to succeed. If you succeed, you keep working to be successful.

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Understand that things change, problem arise, promise breaks, people leave. It is tough; but by persisting you give yourself the chance to reach the success you aim for.

When a problem is taking over your life, try to distance yourself from it (like we all are doing with COVID-19) for a while. Catch a movie, play games, exercise your body, get enough rest.

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Create a new breathing space. Travel if you can. This breathing space will give your unconscious mind the chance to work in the solution.
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Think about this and stay safe.