The number 1 secret of financial success is uniqueness. If you are not unique, you are like the tomatoes seller at the market – offering the same goods as everyone else. This is no way to get rich.

If you ever aim to make money out of any endeavor, you should first drive at discovering your uniqueness. Undoubtedly, there are several other people who are might be into your desired trade or service. Beating them in business require that you set some unique standards for your business.

Customers will never care if you make a profit, all they look out for is competitive price. If you can’t make them see what stands you out, you will never be able to raise your price and be rich.

In order words, you must constantly checking yourself, ask questions like “why should someone employ me?”, “why should someone buy my product or pay for my services and not buy from someone else?”

Take a look at yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself, “how unique am I presently?” If the only the takes unique about you is your body, that implies your success lies in what you can trade with your body. But if you find some uniqueness lying somewhere in you, whatever it is, that’s your selling point.

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Remember your uniqueness is what sells you, it is what makes you rich. Don’t hide it. The Bible says be not ashamed of what is rewarding.

Think about this and stay safe