Strange feeling: (poetry)

You came my way
So fast we pictured forever
Even the whirlwind
The storms
That came like a Calvary charge of huns
Facing the statue of liberty
Freedom is true with love

I screamed at the lights
Of isle of palms
Showing the world how real
One could be on the surface of the earth

Why is love this vale
With sparks sometimes
In a cascade of process
Causing confusion in my head
Like the separation of isotopes

I grew in my creed
To stay well in strength
With showers of roses, I call
My passion for you and i
Extended to the wings of haven
Betrayed when the mind was restless in penury

This thing called love
Have a limitless gift for turning even
Those sweet souls whom we loved most
Best into strangers

I secure my love for you
Written boldly in the stars
Where no darkness exists
Time will for sure wait
It will standstill
Till I tie myself to your robe
For your purification
Is indeed a medication.

Strange feeling: (poetry)