Sweet Taste of Shame is a play fashioned around teenage pregnancy and abuse of female children. The author using a particular lead character, Ene, was able to expose the fiery fire endured by female children who unfortunately find themselves with a bump of shame (pregnancy). He went further to build a story around this character and her family which involved a medical practitioner who was meant to help remove Ene’s bump of shame without her approval. Ene escaped but fell into the hands of one madam who promised to help her. She took her to a proposed care centre but turn out to be a baby factory. Ene met other kids like herself there. Most of these kids were kidnapped and brought in by one human trafficker. It turned out that they were at a baby factory home rather than a medical or care centre. This literature is a standard piece with clear understanding of the choice of topic, and will be a good drama fiction for children and family.

A Scene from Sweet Taste of Shame (Page 49 & 53)

ENE: Good! So, stand up with me today, soul sisters united by a bump of shame but incensed by the allure of freedom so strong, yet so distant and lame. Together we win, or together we fall… but whatever our fate maybe tonight, let it not be written in history books that we failed simply because we didn’t try. Let grandparents not tell their grandchildren that we had a chance to save millions of teenage girls from reproductive servitude and failed because we were cowards. Let it not be said of us, soul sisters.

ENE: Though fiery-eyed the monsters maybe that assail us, that rob us of our dignity… though as light as feather we maybe, on the eve of our liberty, there’s an eagle in each of us ready to soar to the highest mountain if only we let it out of our mind’s captivity.

ENE: It’s not my freedom. It’s ours. Let’s look at the bigger picture. Nothing good is without its challenges. And challenges are not death traps. They’re only hurdles meant to be scaled in our pursuit of the ultimate goal. If only we can set our eyes on the ultimate goal, on our freedom, we’ll see the shame as a mere challenge that we can surmount. In the face of freedom, our shame will taste sweet.

SWEET TASTE OF SHAME was written by Elaigwu Ameh