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I’m A Broken Woman

‘I am a broken woman’ is a poem explaining the act of child abuse and molestation which is highly rampant. The poet wrote about a 13-year-old girl’s experience. You say you care But you don’t That’s why you’re not here but there You said you’d change but you won’t Every night since I was five…
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Domestic violence, the new pandemic amidst lockdown

Domestic violence cases has been on the increase since the compulsory lockdown brought necessitated by coronavirus pandemic. Domestic violence reported around the world during this period are not limited to actions against women; children and men are also affected. The coronavirus lockdown has forced families to bond together than they ever had in a long…
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Veteran actress gives advice on how to prevent rape

Nigerian musician, and veteran actress, Patience Ozokwor during an interview on Sunday gave advice on how to prevent rape situations. Patience Ozokwor who also is a fashion designer, gospel singer told Sunday Scoop that many girls have their parts to play in a rape case. She noted and condemned indecent dressing among the ladies. “Girls…
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RAPE: A 2 year old girl has been defiled by 40

Harrison Emefiena Gwamnishu, who shared the story online, that the victim’s father, Mr Johnson from Akwa Ibom state, lived in the compound owned by Emeka. He had gone to work on the day the crime was committed, leaving the little girl with his 12 year old Nephew.

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